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RockWealth is a wealth and investment and treasury services business with extensive experience in developing and managing private client investment and treasury solutions.

Wealth & Investment

There are many ways to create and preserve wealth, but what will work for you? At RockWealth Capital, we take the holistic view, starting with a detailed financial analysis to develop tailored investment plans that include diverse avenues to wealth – both on and offshore. As you evolve in life and business and your needs and goals change, your plan will grow and evolve with you.

RockWealth Capital offers the following Wealth and Investment Services and more:
Investment Plans | Equity Portfolios | Collective Investment Schemes | Hedge Funds | Endowments | Structured Products | Retirement Annuities | Stockbroking Accounts | Provident Funds | Pension Funds | Money Market Accounts.

Managing Risk

Risk is ever-present and can take any number of forms. Capital protection and preservation is critical and it’s only prudent to take necessary precautions to better protect your hard-earned wealth. We work with experts like FinaMetrica to develop a personal risk profile, designing a solution to diversify your assets globally and mitigate the impact of unforeseen events. Regular assessments ensure your tolerance for risk is always accurately measured and up to date and your portfolio managed accordingly.



Where appropriate, trusts are a key part of estate planning and tax mitigation. We will ensure the best choice for your needs and overall estate plan. By partnering with expert fiduciary service-providers, we maximise the benefits that trusts offer, making full use of our global network − including the Channel Islands, Switzerland and Mauritius – to find the structure that works best for your legacy.


We partner with tried and tested executors internationally to reduce fees and avoid any undesirable tax consequences when transacting in multiple jurisdictions. Our multigenerational plans are designed to resolve your estate requirements from end-to-end. The goal is to remove the administrative burden from you, ensuring the sum of your life’s work will be protected and handed down, preserved and intact, for future generations.

Life insurance

Life insurance plays a vital role in protecting you and your family from the unexpected consequences of untimely death. It can provide a non-taxable lump sum to cover loss of income, sale of business, home loans, personal loans, education, estate duty and much more.

At RockWealth Capital we are brand-agnostic and fully independent. We partner with most major life companies in order to provide you with the type of cover that suits your specific needs and ensures your loved ones have all the financial support they need to remain comfortable after your passing.

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Tax Mitigation

Limiting your tax burden

Tax is often the greatest source of capital leakage from portfolios for both individuals and companies. We’ll show you how to limit your tax burden, using tax efficient products and structures with proven track records. We’ve partnered with a network of experts and platforms to devise the most tax-efficient portfolios – locally and globally – to minimise your exposure to punitive taxes wherever possible.

Foreign Exchange

Globalisation at your convenience

In a global business world, RockWealth Capital can assist you and your business to transact internationally with confidence. We’ll navigate regulatory hurdles on your behalf and manage the process from end-to-end, including making payments in foreign currencies. Our long-standing banking relationships means smooth and pain-free transactions − with quick turnaround times.

Services include managing your application for a Foreign Investment Allowance, fully utilising your Single Discretionary Allowance and facilitating day-to-day payments for individuals or companies.

Unconditional Time

Our time is given freely and without conditions

Service is a cornerstone of our business and we take pride in building long-term client relationships. Key to this is consistent and efficient communication. In today’s world, we’re inundated with market data and information. We’ll interpret and package this for you, enabling you to navigate market uncertainty with confidence. Access is equally important: we’re always available to address your needs and queries and won’t hesitate to take the time needed to deliver a successful result.