Market Watch for April 2024

April Market Shift: Global Downturn, SA Equity Resilience

Global equities reversed course in April, dropping 3.4% after five months of gains. Rising inflation and moderating growth led to a policy rethink, with Fed rate cuts scaled back. Emerging markets fared better, with South Africa outperforming for the second month.

SA Equities Shine: The resources sector surged 7.1% on the back of Anglo American’s rise due to BHP’s bid. Local bonds rebounded after initial volatility, with election polls calming nerves.

Inflation Concerns: Headline inflation moderated to 5.3%, but transport price hikes and potential food price increases worry the SARB. A rate cut delay and potential target revision are on the table.

Economic Growth Mixed: Mining boomed, but overall Q1 output is down. Retail sales remain muted, while wholesale trade shows some resilience. Expectations of monetary easing are fading, with a possible rate hike by year-end now considered.

Election Uncertainty: Debt concerns and global rate hikes initially pressured yields, but election surveys suggesting a stable government offered some relief.

Looking Ahead: April’s market shift highlights the interplay between global and local factors. While opportunities exist in the volatile landscape, South Africa faces challenges with inflation, growth, and political uncertainty.

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